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Spicy Bites Hamilton menu

Spicy Bites has a good reputation for offering different types of Indian food. If you love Indian food, you might have realized that Indian food is different and it demands a special culinary skill. We can proudly claim that we understand Indian food and able to offer a unique experience to all our customers. We offer both traditional and contemporary food. You can find a wide variety in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian category. Though we are popular for Indian food, you can expect a few other types of food as well. In our restaurant, you will find starters, chapati, Spicy Bites specialities, Pakoras, breads, European dishes, Puris, Sundries, Tandoori starters, sauces, Tandoori dishes, kebabs, burgers, special korma, old favourites, party time, vegetable dishes, set meals, biryani dishes, drinks, and rice. These are the names of the categories available in our restaurant. You can imagine there will be a lot of options in all the categories, For example, if you love biryani, you will have vegetable biryani, chicken biryani, lamb biryani, chicken tikka biryani, mixed biryani, king prawn biryani, and much more. In Tandoori dishes, there will be paneer tikka, half tandoori chicken, chicken tikka meal, spicy chicken tikka, mixed tikka, lamb tikka meal, and a few other dishes. Similarly, you can expect many varieties in all the categories mentioned above. You can visit the menu page to know more about available food in all categories. You can consider us for parties and special events as we offer different types of food and drinks. We will ensure that your food will be delivered to your doorstep on the given time without any hassle. We can also assure you that all your guests will appreciate the preparation.

About Spicy Bites Hamilton menu

Spicy Bites is a popular name in our locality. People find us worth visiting as we try our best to satisfy their craving. We are known for quality food and varieties, friendly staff, and a dedicated and regular delivery service. We not only prepare quality Indian food, but we also try our best to ensure that we are able to offer a convenient option to our customers. We are available online. You can visit our website or you can download our app. Our app will be available in the apps of the Google Store or App Store. You can download our app and then visit the menu page to place the order. The food will be delivered to your doorstep. We offer both the takeaway and delivery service. For the takeaway, you can visit our restaurant to place the order. Your order will be prepared at the earliest.

Spicy Bites Hamilton restaurant

Would you like to visit our restaurant? Do you want your biryani to be delivered to your doorstep? Would you like to surprise your family with a secret party? What are you looking for? We are able to fulfill all your demands. You can visit us for your favorite Indian food. We are located nearby. You will find us at 23 Gateside Street, Hamilton, ML3 7HT. You can visit either our restaurant or website. We will appreciate your visit and we will try to satisfy your craving. You will welcome your feedback as well.